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The Public has shown interest in Gov't + Politics, Local Science & Business, Race & Demographics, Education, Consumer Protection, Employment Issues, Media Accountability, Criminal Justice, Wealth & Poverty, Cultural Diversity, Public Health, Environment, City Infrastructure, Public Media

About San Francisco Public Press

Noncommercial, public-interest news for the San Francisco Bay Area


The San Francisco Public Press is a startup nonprofit news organization in San Francisco that aims to do for print and Web journalism what public broadcasting has done for radio and television.

We publish public-interest news reporting at ans in a quarterly print newspaper distributed throughout the Bay Area. with the help of more than 50 professional and volunteer journalists and nonprofit specialists.

We strive to fill the void of hard-hitting accountability reporting that’s been lost with the downsizing of the commercial press. We have received support from the San Francisco Foundation and more than 500 individual donors.

Our mission is to enrich civic life in San Francisco by delivering public-interest journalism to broad and diverse audiences through print and interactive media not supported by advertising.

Our goal is to create a sustainable, replicable noncommercial business model for delivering quality local journalism. Our nonprofit media business model incorporates entrepreneurial use of technology and traditional standards of journalism to provide better local news coverage to underserved audiences, and re-imagines the daily newspaper as a public-media institution accountable to the community.

We have established content and distribution partnerships with more than two-dozen local and national independent and public media, in an effort to enhance communication among the diverse neighborhoods, ethnic groups and shared-interest communities throughout San Francisco. Some examples include working with KQED and KALW Public Radio to produce radio versions of our stories, with the Commonwealth Club of California to produce programming, and New America Media to share stories about ethnic communities.

Public Press reports have won several awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and have received coverage in Columbia Journalism Review,, the San Francisco Chronicle,, the New York Times, KPFA and numerous blogs and journalism-related websites. 

The Public Press is a member of the Investigative News Network, an association of 60 public-interest nonprofit news organizations nationwide.

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