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Reginald James

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Reginald has shown interest in Gov't + Politics, Race & Demographics, Education, Environment

About Reginald James

Reginald James is a photographer and investigative journalist. He current hosts The Black Hour internet radio show on 9th Floor Radio, and is a contributing editor for

A former editor of the Laney Tower newspaper and Harambee News, Reginald's His writings have appeared in the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper, the Oakland Post and the Globe Newspapers.

He currently edits the blog, The Peralta Report, focusing on the Peralta Community College District in Oakland.

Work Samples

Thousands of Peralta students overcharged Thousands of students attending the Peralta Colleges were overcharged for a student fee that was erroneously implemented in the fall of 2009. The fee was later repealed and funds were credited back to students.

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