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known as the Internet's  TaxMama, I have been passionate about making the US tax system easier to understand and use by the general, taxpaying public. To that end, I have been providing free articles, answers and podcasts at for over a decade.

As an IRS Stakeholder Relations partner in Los Angeles and DC, TaxMama has advocated for the public and even for individuals, bringing their situation to the attention of the IRS or the Taxpayers Advocate Service - and bringing about resolution - or changes in IRS procedures, corrections to the IRS website, suggested modifcations to forms and publications. 

I teach tax professionals to pass the IRS examination so they can become Enrolled Agents and help taxpayers resolve tax problems. In fact, I've gathered a team of experts to help teach tax professionals the specifics of tax reduction and tax debt resolution procedures for American taxpayers domestically and overseas.

As a journalist and author, my columns and books are read natiowide and have helped taxpayers save millions of dollars legally and without conflict.

Oh yes, and I have the education and training to back it all up. Which is always supplemented by many, many hours of continuing education each year.

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