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Hi! My name is Mat and I'm a freelance writer. I like to write about the ways technology is changing us, the ways we can change our bodies, social media culture, location based services, Barack Obama, and coffee. Have laptop and lens; will travel.

Today, I'm a contributing editor at WIRED magazine. In 2008, I wrote a book for Gotham Books called Barack Obama is Your New Bicycle. Many years before that I was an associate editor at Macworld, where I still write frequent stories. I'm also a former technology columnist for The New York Sun, and was a longtime Silicon Valley stringer for The National Journal's Technology Daily. If you really dug, you'd also find my work in Popular Science, Salon, Time, Mother Jones, Runner's World, Women's Health, Budget Travel,,  and The San Francisco Bay Guardian, among many other publications, both thriving and long forgotten.

San Francisco is home, but I grew up in Alabama.

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