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Venita has shown interest in Gov't + Politics, Race & Demographics, Criminal Justice, Public Health, Environment

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The Chicago Reporter is an investigative news organization publishing a website, blog and bimonthly magazine that identifies, analyzes, and reports on the social, economic, and political issues of metropolitan Chicago with a distinctive focus on race and poverty.

The Reporter was founded at Community Renewal Society in 1972 to serve as a barometer of Chicago’s progress coming out of the Civil Rights era. As one of America’s most segregated cities, and the home of what was the nation’s largest public housing development, Chicago continues to experience racial and economic inequalities like those seen in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Chicago Reporter serves a critical role by focusing the power of investigative reporting on difficult social, economic and political issues that rarely receive thorough examination. The results are compelling examinations, thoughtful analyses and open dialogue on the source of these issues and potential remedies to curb them.

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