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About Yellowstone Gate

Yellowstone Gate is an independent, online news site covering life in and around Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. Our mission is to offer original reporting, insight and commentary on the critical common issues facing the parks and their gateway communities, including Cody, Wyo.; Cooke City, Mont.; Gardiner, Mont.; Jackson, Wyo.; and West Yellowstone, Mont.

Online publishing technologies, social media networks and digital journalism tools continue to lower the costs and barriers to entry for reporting while at the same time increasing the reach and productivity for individual reporters. Yellowstone Gate aims to leverage those technologies in creating an interactive online community focused on the overriding common interests we share as residents of Yellowstone Country.

We also hope to make Yellowstone Gate a place where readers join the conversation and shape our coverage. By engaging readers and encouraging them to become collaborators and contributors, we join a wide range of online news outlets that are tapping into the participatory nature of Internet journalism.

News coverage in and around the parks is expensive and time-consuming. National media outlets drop in for big, splashy stories like fires or bear attacks — or they offer the occasional travel or environmental feature. Local reporters understandably focus on the hot-button issues that are most important in their communities. But much of the coverage from all sources breaks down along state or county lines — or follows a narrow, single-issue approach that too often produces a fragmented and polarized result.

It’s time for a new approach.

Yellowstone Gate aims to adopt a holistic approach to reporting on the common issues affecting parks and their gateway communities. The role of Yellowstone Gate is not to solve — or even define or circumscribe — the vast challenges and opportunities that come with living in Yellowstone Country. Rather, it is to celebrate the endless virtues of calling this place home.

But Yellowstone Gate also exists to act as an impartial watchdog of the public interest. Its mission includes focusing on how we care for our public lands, operate our travel and tourism industry, manage our wildlife and plan for our common future.

Based in Cody, Yellowstone Gate was established by Ruffin Prevost, a reporter who covers Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks and Wyoming for Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news agency. From 2005-2010, he covered the same beat for The Billings Gazette, the largest daily newspaper in the region. Most recently, he was managing editor of WyoFile, a small, statewide nonprofit news service focused on Wyoming people, places and policy.

Yellowstone Gate is supported by advertising revenue and has no political agenda, defining worldview or partisan belief system. We aim to present news without bias or favoritism, and offer fair and complete reporting. Please contact us if you have corrections, questions or concerns about our coverage.

Ruffin Prevost, editor
104 Bear Creek Rd.
Cody WY 82414
Twitter: @YellowstoneGate

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