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The Jacmel Children’s Center, now under construction in Haiti, will be a place for hundreds of children orphaned by last year’s earthquake to sleep, eat and attend classes. The effort is spearheaded by a development team headed  by a Lisa Rueff and Philip Schneider of San Francisco who are collecting tens and thousands of dollars in donations through yoga fundraisers in the US. They are working with local community leader Bonite Affriany, a grandmother who serves food and educates nearly 300 orphans everyday – some of whom walk over an hour to reach her home for one square meal. She provides them nourishment, education, hope and love…but must send them back to their tents and to the streets every day. Our video will help Bonite get the support she will need to finish the center and keep it running.

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Storytellers for Good ( hopes to raise funds to travel to Haiti in early 2012 to capture the official opening of the center and introduce you to Bonite, Philip, Lisa and the hundreds of children who are benefiting from their work. We will create the film and hand the invaluable fundraising tool over to the nonprofit to share at events, on their website, YouTube and countless other  social media channels online.

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