A video produced by the first Toxic Tour of West Oakland

Thinking about planting a garden this spring? Many West Oakland residents are doing the same - unaware that there is lead and cadmium in the soil and perhaps an old gasoline tank right under their driveway. When the soil is contaminated, it's hard for any neighborhood to improve its economic lot. With a history of mixed use zoning, dumping, and neglect due to decades of environmental racism, this neighborhood is working on cleaning up its toxic industrial legacy. 

West Oakland Toxic Tour II - Right Beneath Our Feet

In partnership with Oakland Local,'s Toxic Tour project returns to West Oakland in 2011, to build on the stories, issues and community responses covered in 2009. Toxic Tour I (mainly focusing on air pollution) was nationally recognized with several awards for our hyper local, hard hitting, and high quality journalism. 

This time, we'll create a series of installments in the Summer/Fall of 2011. At least 4 articles (up to 6, if funding goals are exceeded) will focus on contaminated land in West Oakland. Photos, Audio Clips, & Videos will be accompanied by text. An overarching map will also be created to bring together media from the articles with data from government and community sources. This series will be mobile friendly. 

Spot.Us funding will be combined with support already secured from the Society of Environmental Journalists to make this project a success. This series is being produced and distributed in partnership with

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