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Advertising revenues are dropping, circulation is falling, the economy is in a recession, jobs are being cut, and a few companies own all of the newspapers in the Bay Area. It's a tough time to be in journalism, but especially at newspapers, which are cutting jobs and trying to figure out how to increase circulation and advertising while losing readers to the Internet.

What plans to the major Bay Area newspapers have for 2009? How will they capture more audience on the Internet? How do they plan to increase advertising and circulation? For the most part, people still rely on their hometown newspaper to get news about their city or neighborhood. If newspapers have plans to cut staff, move more to the Internet or look for new ways to keep and add readers, then anyone who reads a daily paper in the Bay Area will want to know what their newspaper plans for 2009.

Update: Aaron Crowe blogs about his reporting.

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This story will help newspaper readers in the Bay Area understand what their papers have planned for 2009, including how the Internet will affect the daily newspaper they hold in their hand every morning. It will look into the viability of newspapers in the Bay Area and what they plan to do to survive.

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