It’s not  just the residents of the city that are financially over extended. As Oakland  hunkers down with a $58.7 million deficit for 2011, what are the actual cost to the its people? The city’s debt is affecting many parts of modern life.

Every day, Oaklanders are putting extra repairs on their cars because the roads are so crummy, or they’re filling out a crime report online because the city doesn’t have enough police officers to take certain reports in person.

Limited funds have also hit the public schools like a brick through a window, as schools continue to lay off teachers, limit or cut services, like those for adult education. Meanwhile our libraries are reducing hours, and, according to recent news reports, financial support for the Oakland Library will be slashed by 15.2 percent to $9.8 million a year, the absolute minimum required to continue collecting Measure Q parcel taxes.

Oakland Local wants to find our more about how the city’s debt is affecting the lives of everyday people, whose roads, libraries, schools and public safety are all getting squeezed.

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