• Patterns Are Starting to Emerge in the Local Races


    After some exhaustive data-crunching and numbers-juggling, a few trends have started to emerge in the local ballot initiatives. Check out the (very preliminary) results below, or view them on Flickr.

    One of the most controvertial measures on the ballot, Prop L (sit/lie) is running neck-and-neck among endorsers so far. It's proved highly polarizing: the Haight Ashbury Improvement Association is in favor, but the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council is opposed.

    In other races: the controversial Prop B (retirement and health plans) has few supporters and lots of detractors. Other less exciting races like Prop I (saturday voting) have attracted less attention, with no endorsers and only one opposed: Terence Faulkner.

    These findings are a bit limited, as I haven't finished collecting the data. This is all chiefly based on the voter guide, but there are dozens and dozens more organizations that still need to be included in this analysis.

    In order to do that, I need your support! If you haven't already, you can earn some credits by taking a quick survey, then apply them to my story so I can afford to continue compiling data as the election approaches.

    Posted by Matt Baume on 10/19/10
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