In mid September, Mexico will celebrate the 200th anniversary of its Independence against Spain and the 100th anniversary of its Revolution. I will be in Mexico City to partake in this historic event and as a photographer and journalist, I want to capture the essence of these festivities and give context to the culture of Mexico through a photo-journal of the week long celebrations.

My journey in Mexico City will include the "Grito" at the historic Zocalo, the parade around the newly renovated Angel of Independence in one of Mexico's most prestegious avenues, a day trip to the gondolas of the Xochimilco Gardens, an excursion to the Teotihucan Ruins known as "City of the Gods", visiting the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera museum and their "Casa Azul/Blue House" home and much more.  Mexico City, also known as the ancient Aztec city Tenochtitlan, will also partake in Indegenous celebrations honoring the blessed Virgen de Guadalupe. The presence of indegenous populations amongst Mexican society is often unspoken, yet, the bicentennial may  bring light to issues of poverty, socio-economic differences and the sweeping of many disenfranchised homeless people who have been moved outside the square for the purpose of celebrations. The bicentennial celebrations will be a historic event for Mexico, its people, many Mexican-American citizens in the U.S, and anyone who is a history aficionado.

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