You're right to feel gloomy and desperate about all the terrible news coming out of the Gulf of Mexico. But if you're looking for an ecological victory to lift your spirits, look no further than right here in San Francisco.

Trails Day is this week, and the Presidio is celebrating on June 8th by debuting their newest trail through the park. Once a military zone, the Park Trail winds through majestic old growth, past a historic cemetery, and around an innovative installation that's half-art, half-habitat.

We'll take a guided tour of the new trail's unveiling, with lots of photos, historical notes, and excellent news about the Presidio's transformation into a native ecological paradise. It's a welcome reminder of just how much we can accomplish when we preserve nature, rather than mine it.

Here's a map of the Presidio Trails:

And details on a tour of the Park Trail this weekend as part of National Trails Day:

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