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Oakland is a city where many people need to have their voices heard and their issues discussed. Oakland Local is a non-profit capacity-building organization that gives a platform to bloggers, community members & non-profits on the web and through social media.  Oakland Local also offers free media trainings, an internship program and one on one support to Oakland individuals and groups. Support these efforts by giving to  Oakland Local 's Media & Training Fund.

This money will support  free one on one and small group trainings to strengthen their online voice and outreach for community groups including--but not limited to--One Fam, Pueblo, Mo-Better Foods, Mandela Grocery and The East Bay Boxing Association. Fundng will also support native Oaklanders writing about  issues that need to be talked about--including topics of justice, environmental justice, transportation, development and public safety, police & BART accountability, and Mayoral elections. 

We pledge to distribute up to 20% of the funding we raise to support student, communiity and youth projects done in partnership with Oakland Local in East and West Oakland.

Oakland Local's staff is a diverse blend of local residents. We are 75% people of color, 60% women. We offer an open platform and training to everyone who wishes to write for the site. If you' like to get involved, contact We are committed to giving a voice to Oakland's underserved communities, regardless of race, class, gender and sexual orientation.

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Oakland Local's reporting can speak truth to power, spread the word about issues and problems and share successes. We have 35,000 local visitors, over 3,000 Facebook fans and a committment to trasnparency and engagement with diverse communities in our town.

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