Story: Immigration Reforms: How a Broken System Breaks Communities

In September 2009, we began to see what President Obama’s immigration policy would look like. It played out in Los Angeles after American Apparel, a US based clothing company, laid off more than sixteen hundred workers.

Instead of facing huge fines for employing undocumented workers, American Apparel laid of its immigrant workforce. On the surface, this might seem like a more humane approach. In a collaboration with Spot.Us Patrick Burke reports from L.A.; where for the community at large, the result may not be that much different from the Bush-era raids.


Also by Patrick: Obama’s New Immigration Policy Forces Massive Layoff at American Apparel

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Originally Published at National Radio Project

Video Republished by Garment and Citizen, LA Beez and LAist.

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American Apparel
Los Angeles, CA

Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law
Los Angeles, CA

Howard Industries
Laurel, MS

Mississippi Immigrant’s Rights Alliance
Jackson, MS

Saint Bridget’s Hispanic Ministry
Postville, IA

UCLA Downtown Labor Center
Los Angeles, CA

Articles, Blogs, Films, Reports, Other

Legalize LA

‘Postville, USA: Surviving Diversity in Small-Town America’
By Mark A. Grey, Michele Devlin & Aaron Goldsmith

‘How an Immigration Raid Changed a Town’
By Steve Dinnen, The Christian Science Monitor

‘Immigration Crackdown Shifts Focus to Employers’
By Miriam Jordan & Sabrina Shankman, The Wall Street Journal


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