At the same time that technologists have been refining tools to export, manipulate and visualize data, government has been making more datasets, feeds and records available. Simultaneously, reporters are combing through records to break stories, highlight problems, and even suggest solutions.

California Watch and Spot.Us invite you to join us for a day to learn and discuss issues around public data in the State of California.

It will be a barcamp style event: All are welcome to come and discuss issues of government data and transparency. Imagine getting help on choosing your next home by viewing crime data and rentals on a map.  Or seeing restaurant ratings and violations based on your GPS location. These are just some ideas of what is possible when government data is made public.

"DataSF App Contest"

We will have a Web App contest with X prizes for the best web applications built on the day of the event around any of the 100 datasets recently released through Think you are the most badass programmer in the city? Come prove it and improve how our city functions at the same time.

Judges for the contest will include technology, civic and business leaders in the San Francisco community.

  • When: November 7, 2009 8am - all day.
  • Where: Citizen Space 425 2nd Street, #100, San Francisco 

We also want to thank you sponsors (interested in sponsoring - contact David AT spot DOT us)

  • Center for Investigative Reporting
  • Craig Newmark
  • Gov 2.0 Expo
  • MAPLight.Org
  • More coming.

How will it help?

Our fundraising goal is to cover the cost of the event. Registration fee's to attend (EventBright) are minimal as a result. Includes food for the day.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event highlighted on the right contact: David at Spot DOT us.

If you want to be a most generous individual donor - you can do so by clicking "I'll Donate $20" on this page.

All donations are tax deductable. Any extra money we raise will go toward the "DataSF App Contest."

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