Do you like sitting through hours of public testimony? How about digging through public documents? Does reading 80-page legislative packages get you going?

It isn’t always fun, and it certainly isn’t sexy (have you ever met a reporter?) but it’s certainly necessary. Behind the hours of talk, the posturing and the preening of city officials are consequences: real consequences that affect the way you work, the way you eat and the way you live. The SF Appeal's goal is to bring those consequences to light in an informative way that is relevant to you. Yes, you, the one who cares.

Appeal reporter Chris Roberts has been attending nearly every SF Board of Supervisors meeting for over a year, and ones he can’t make to he's been watching on SFGTV or reading the transcripts.

All Roberts's work will be published on the San Francisco Appeal, an independent, locally owned news and culture website.  You can follow all his work here. He'll also give blog updates on this pitch page.

Every time we raise $200 he will do a debriefing on what he's learned along the road.  In addition, he'll do a radio interview with Spot.Us that explains some of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on in his reporting - the stories behind the stories.

How will it help?

Coverage of City Hall is waning. And these meetings result in real world consequences. If we want to stay informed we either all have to start attending - or Chris can attend for you and summarize what is happening in fun bit sized chunks. But to continue doing so, he needs your support.

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