• How I’m preparing for the trip

    Many of you have asked how I’m preparing for such a monumental journey. Here’s a rundown of the research I’ve done and what’s currently on my plate… 

    Schedule of Events:


    March 2009

    Interview with Captain Moore (Founder, Algalita Marine Research Foundation)

    Interview with Sara Michaels (Scientist, Department of Toxic Substance Control)

    Interview with Jeff Jacobson (Founder, Jacobson Plastics Inc.)

    Interview with John Fentis (Retired Environmental Attorney)

    Interview with CA representative Paul Krekorian (who passed a bill banning nurdles)

    Inspection of plastic manufacturing plants in Long Beach

    Production of documentary about nurdles 

    June 2009

    Recipient of Nicholas Roosevelt Environmental Journalism Award (funds go directly toward the voyage) 

    July 2009

    Interview with underwater photographer Chuck Davis  


    I am currently reading…

     “A Review of Biodegradation of Synthetic Plastic and Foams.” Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2007.

    “Occurrence of Plastic Particles in Sea-birds from the Eastern North Pacific.” Marine Pollution Bulletin, 1997.

    “Call for Pellets! International Pellet Watch Global Monitoring of POPs using Bleached Plastic Resin Pellets.” Science Direct, 2006.

    “Plastic in the Plankton.”  ACFnewsource, 2003.

    “The Pollution of the Marine Environment by Plastic Debris: A Review.” Marine Pollution Bulletin 2002.

    “Plastic Ingestion by Laysan Albatross Chicks on Sand Island, Midway Atoll, in 1994 and 1995.” Albatross Biology and Conservation, 2004.

    “Lost at Sea: Where is all the Plastic?”  Science, 2004.

    “Marine Debris: A Focus for Community Engagement.” Proceedings from the Coastal Zone Canada Conference, 2000.

    “Marine Birds and Plastic Pollution.”  Marine Ecology, 1987.

    Potential for Plastic to Transport Hydrophobic Contaminants.” Environmental Science and Technology, 2007. 

    For kicks: Life of Pi 


    July 2009

    “Communicating Plastics” Conference in Monterey (July 24)

    Interview with underwater photographer Berkley White (TBA) 

    September 2009

    Crew training in Honolulu (Sept. 1-3) 

    Posted by Lindsey Hoshaw on 07/20/09
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