Story: California’s Haphazard Fight Against Human Trafficking


This special report appears in the Spring 2012 print edition of the Public Press. Stories in the package are now on the website. The stories were produced in collaboration with New America Media and San Francisco’s bilingual newspaper, El Tecolote. To read the entire package, including charts and a two-page timeline, pick up a copy of the Spring 2012 print edition at these retailers. 

The stories are below and YOU helped make this reporting possible.

• Bay Area agencies improvise tactics to battle trafficking

• How an infamous Berkeley human trafficking case fueled reform (Leer en español en La Opiñon/Impremedia.)

• U.S. visas help trafficking victims if applicants can vault legal hurdles

• Human trafficking is a growing global scourge

• California voter initiative seeks to strengthen penalties on traffickers   • State labor agencies slow to coordinate with law enforcement on trafficking cases   • Weak state law, lack of education frustrate attorneys


human trafficking, California, labor trafficking, sex trafficking, slavery, child labor, sexual exploitation, prostitution, crime, kidnapping, police departments, U.S. Department of Justice, California attorney general


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