Occupy Oakland was 2 weeks old when the Oakland police decided to clear the encampments at Frank Ogawa Plaza and Snow Park in Oakland, CA. During the evening's peaceful demonstrations, police clashed with demonstrators--some of whom threw paint and rocks--with such force that the first person accounts and photos made their way around the world and were a trending topic on Twitter (#Oakland PD).  In the aftermath of the violence, the city learned that the police action plan had been crafted by the new city administrator, that the mayor was out of town, and the same police chief who told a press conference at 9:15 PM that the department was committed to a peaceful demonstration had officers pelting people with tear gas, bean bags and rubber bullets.

On Weds, October 26, demonstrations continued and as the Occupy General Assembly met in conference at 7PM, the Occupy Wall Street movement announced they were donating $20K to support the movement in Oakland. Reports tell us that a General Strike is being planned in the city for Wednesday, November 2nd.  Meanwhile, it's hard not to wonder how the Mayor will resolve the anger and fury many residents are directing at her.

Will Acting Police Chief Howard Jordan be the sacrificIal lamb? Will Deanna Santana get the blame? Or will Quan just plow ahead without a look back at last night's melee?

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