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    Above is one of the drawings I did of Occupy Oakland's Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant plaza camp before Tuesday's raid -- actually less than 12 hours before. This was the free school and library before it was trampled and thrown in the back of city garbage trucks.

    I'll be posting more of these this week, since things have gotten a bit calmer. After Wednesday's day of General Strike actions I'll start to compile these into a serialized piece that will run on a site that I am building just for it, as well as through syndication with several national outlets.

    If you are interested in running the full piece or some part of it, please get in touch. I know text-heavy websites tend to think all these pictures will break their format, but that's not the case -- it's easy to post this stuff and make it work for you, and I will show you how. 

    Posted by Susie Cagle on 10/31/11
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