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As a journalist covering science and environmental policy issues, I recently reported the first segment in what is intended to be a series, an animated video that looked at the externalized costs of greenhouse gas pollution. 

The first piece, called “The Price of Gas,” looked at hidden costs of using gasoline—from air pollution to health effects on low-income populations.

The Price of Gas from CIR on Vimeo.

Thanks to excellent production and promotion by the Center for Investigative Reporting, the video went viral in two weeks: receiving tens of thousands of views on YouTube; was reposted by a handful of CIR’s content partners and nearly a dozen news websites; generating hundreds comments on various websites.

We're taking the same concept and style from our first animated video, The Price of Gas, and applying it to another item we use every day and which creates lots of greenhouse gases: food.

Using peer-reviewed data by Cal's Energy and Resource Group academics, we'lll take a look at one of the largest components of these gases from food--and it's not food miles. It's food waste, and overeating.
This will look at how we waste our food and possibly even how overeating affects families in central California, where so much of the Nation's fresh fruits and vegetables are produced.

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