Mandatory Reading for All Reporters

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Spot.Us is a new marketplace that is constantly learning how the public will value journalism. As such - we suggest the following as a pricing guide for various pitches.

The prices below are not written in stone. Reporters can suggest their own rates in creating a pitch, but must justify them.

1. Investigative Report

$600-$1,400 - Most are $1,000
Roughly 60 hours of work at a rate of $10-$25 based on level of experience
Deadlines: Three months to fundraise; two months to report.

  • Involves research and original/enterprise reporting that is time consuming.
  • Requires expertise in subject matter.
  • The story is crafted and the writing has clarity and is organized into scenes.
  • Extensive blogging about the reporting throughout the process of reporting.
  • Multimedia rich - a part of telling the story.
  • A ground upon which new community is built.
  • Provides new information that educates and informs.

2. Enterprise Report

$400-$950 Most are $550 Deadlines:
Roughly 40 hours of work at a rate of $10-$25 based on level of experience
Ten weeks to fundraise; one month to report.

  • Involves multiple interviews with experts or involved subjects.
  • On-site reporting. Interviews conducted in several different places.
  • Persistent blogging through the fundraising and reporting process.
  • Uses multimedia to enhance story.
  • Requires good knowledge of subject matter.
  • Works with and bolsters an existing community.
  • Provides resources to information that can educate and inform.

3. Beat Report

$350-$500, Most are $350
Roughly 25 hours of work at a rate of $10-$25 based on level of experience
Deadlines: Two months to fundraise; one month to report.

  • Minimal use of multimedia.
  • Blogging is encouraged through the process of fundraising and reporting.
  • Interviews conducted in person or on phone.
  • Story is clean and crafted for clarity.

4. Quick Hit

Roughly 15 hours of work at a rate of $10-$25 based on level of experience
Deadline: One month to fundraise; two weeks to report. Note: Not preferred on Spot.Us.

  • Does not require speciality knowledge.
  • Help update an ongoing story and pushes it a little further.
  • Uses links to help build the background.

Spot.Us and Reporter Agreement

Note: This is separate from the legal contract that reporters agree to when creating a pitch. This is to lay out the expectations of Spot.Us and the reporter in our working relationship to produce good journalism.

Spot.Us will do the following:

  • Provide any technical assistance necessary within reasonable expectations.
  • Be available for consultation regarding the focus of your pitch.
  • Add to the blogging efforts of pitches during the reporting process.
  • Be available for consultation regarding the fundraising efforts for your pitch.
  • Spot.Us fundraises for specific pitches - including yours as resources permit. (see reporters agree to #2)
  • Assign a Peer-Review editor to assist the reporter if none is previously identified.
  • Promptly deliver money raised to reporter(s) upon publishing and receiving a w-9.

Reporters agree to the following:

  • Maintain consistent communication via email, texts or calls, with Spot.Us.
  • Blog throughout the process their reporting efforts.
  • Help to promote story online and offline to civic groups and to pitch traditional news organizations.
  • Agree to being filmed or do to a video for the purposes of marketing the story.
  • Work collaboratively with an assigned peer-review editor. Reporter can reject first two assigned editors but third time is the charm ;)
  • Upon acceptance of assignment (raised money) to do thorough, accurate and timely reporting.
  • Rock out!